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Radio Free Northwest: What a Real Resistance Looks Like


Harold Covington starts by wondering why last week’s episode caused such an upset in the comment section at Whenever he starts encouraging people to move to the North West, trolls who can all spell perfectly and who are all looking to donate large sums of money, suddenly appear. He then uses the idea of suddenly having money and resources, to imagine what an idealised NWF would look like.

He starts by describing how things looked in the seventies, when Nationalist parties actually had buildings and newspapers of their own, when there were organisations, rather than audiences. This is in order to point out that there was an organisational structure that worked back then, so why are we incapable of doing it today?

Next up is an inspiring clip from Commander Rockwell, talking about how people used to be prepared to make human punching bags out of themselves for the cause, in order to show the world what the Jews and the Left were really like. This is far more effective than all the statistics in the world could ever be.

Gretchen reviews Hitler and the Darwinian World View, which is written by someone who claims to be a Christian, but has a Jewish sounding name. He argues for a Darwinian rather than a Christian basis for National Socialism. He points to the few prominent National Socialists who wanted to phase out Christianity, but also names Rosenberg as one who wanted to keep certain elements of it. Christian Identity doctrine was also taking form around this time, but it did not really attract a following in Germany. The writer sees NS as a biological worldview rather than a spiritual one and Gretchen agrees with this, although it does still have a spiritual component.

Next up is an anonymous clip trying to wake people up to how altruistic we really are and how this is being used against us. Lives are already being lost and if we dont act soon, everything about us will soon just be a distant memory.

Harold returns to continue with his description of what the ideal NWF would look like. The first thousand would be an even mix of genders and among the families, would be single males with an equal number of single females. They would all be a lot younger than Harold and any of his age would be healthy, wealthy and able to find and hold down a job. They would all have no criminal records, no health problems, no mental problems and no sexual dysfunctions. No calling on Odin to make themselves invincible either. They would all arrive under the own steam and none of them would be expecting others to be doing anything for them.
He understands that there are times in his life that he would not have been up to these standards himself, but wants others not to have to make the same mistakes that he did.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: What a Real Resistance Looks Like

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