The Stormer Report: Luke Finds a New Use for His Light Sabre


Lee Rogers and Sven Longshanks take a look at the headline news from the Daily Stormer and Info Stormer.

This week it’s not all about Trump, but it is hard to avoid him when he is the man of the moment and Jew enemy number one.

The Daily Stormer has been doing a grand job of highlighting the ethnicity behind all the attacks on The Donald, to most people they look unconnected, but once you know they are all Jews, you start to see the pattern. Tim Wise, Ben Shapiro, Louis CK and more are brought up to show the fear that the Jews have of him. They are starting to get desperate now that their final solution of calling him ‘Adolf Hitler’ has failed and even this was pre-empted by Andrew Anglin on the Stormer Report months back.

The ADL have produced a press release calling for Trump to disown certain individuals including Anglin and Rogers for ‘inserting themselves’ into the presidential race. They do this while proudly announcing on the same press release that they have 501c3 status, which actually means that they are the ones who should not be inserting themselves into the campaign. So far it has only been the Daily Stormer and the InfoStormer to point out the illegality and sheer audacity of this statement, but it really does show the incredible hubris of these Jews.

In Europe Merkel has released some more anti-rape leaflets for the ‘new Germans’ trying to teach the monkeys that non-consensual sex is wrong outside of the animal kingdom. We have no idea of knowing how well this has worked though, since the police are now banned from revealing crime figures by race. All is not lost in Europe however, 15 nationalist candidates have just been elected to the Slovakian parliament and their Prime Minister has pledged to build a wall and prevent any Moslems setting foot in the country. They join Poland and Hungary in the list of rapidly awakening European governments that may eventually prove to be benefactors to nationalist movements elsewhere in Europe.

The last part of the podcast is devoted to the news that Luke Skywalker may turn queer in the Jew JJ Abram’s next Star Wars movie. Lee points out that this is a children’s film and the Jews are filling it full of subversive anti-White brainwashing, while Sven points out that race-mixing has been a staple feature of science fiction like Star Trek and Star Wars since they first started, albeit having increased over the years.

The original Star Trek featured the first inter-racial kiss on-screen and the canteena scene in the first Star Wars featured overtones of mixing sexually with aliens. This theme was continued with Vulcan/Jew Spock, Vulcan/Negro Tuvok and Klingon/Negro Worf. When you are least expecting it, the sci-fi Jews will slip in the encouragement to mongrelise your species and destroy your children’s heritage.

Finally there is a discussion on the merits of sterilisation and how it is actually the most compassionate way to deal with half-breeds.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Lee Rogers

The Stormer Report: Luke Finds a New Use for his Light Sabre

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