Traditionalist Youth Hour: What Can We Learn From Donald Trump?


Matthew Heimbach speaks at the recent Council of Concerned Citizens conference about how he came to be doing what he is doing and what we can learn from Donald Trump.

He starts by talking about a revelation he had at University, realising that Whites were paying all the fees for the other students, but did not even have a White Student Union of their own. He soon formed one much to the annoyance of the Left, who did their best to shut the group down.

He then realised that the discrimination went much further than just the university, it was coming out of the television, the movies and the libraries too. Every facet of American culture seemed to have turned against White people.

This spurred him on to start the Traditionalist Youth Network and then the Traditionalist Worker Party. The point of the party is to fight for White people and specifically the White working class. If the Socialists can have elected representation in places like Portland, then why shouldn’t Nationalists be able to as well? There are hundreds of open positions in the country that nobody is running for that the TWP are aiming to concentrate on. Members from other organisations are welcome to join, where they can then work together with others to achieve their goals at the political level.

He then goes into his experience at a recent Trump rally, where Black Lying Monkeys invaded the place and started trampling on the American flag. They were furious at what Trump was saying and what he was saying is not particularly extreme, just common sense, but because he challenges the Left, they were determined to disrupt his platform. This was a private event and they had no right to be there, but still they invaded the place and started causing trouble.

If it were Nationalists that had done this, we would have been locked up. But this is a two tier law system, where the Leftists who claim to be the true rebels know that they will not be prosecuted, because they are fighting for the same positions that Bernie, Hilary and Obama are.

Trump is not one of us, but he is challenging the system and we can learn from him. He has shown that you can fight the media and you do not have to back down, because he knows that he is at war and he knows who his enemy is. Why apologise to your enemy? They will never apologise to us when they lie about us, because they understand that we are at war.

People also care about Trump’s message. White working class families are tired of political correctness, tired of being demonised and tired of immigration. These issues are all problems that we have been speaking out about for years, so if we reach out to those people, they will start to support us too. They support our policies already, they just need to be made aware that what we stand for is what they have been looking for.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach at the CofCC Conference 2016

Traditionalist Youth Hour: What Can We Learn From Donald Trump?

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