Aryan Insights: Mindaugas Sidaravicius–Lithuanian Nationalist Youth Union


Mindaugas Sidaravicius joins us this week to talk about the Lithuanian Nationalist Youth Union and Nationalism in Lithuania.

The organisation were able to win funding from the government through a competition and have even worked alongside other youth organisations on ecological projects, which shows how tolerant the former Soviet countries are to Nationalism after having it brutally repressed by the Communists. The Union use a Triskelion as their symbol which links them with other White nations, all of whom have used variations of the sun-cross at some point. The Lithuanian one is often made of grass-snakes, as this type of snake was seen as a positive symbol as it was not poisonous like other snakes.

Mindaugas has often spoken of his admiration for anime and Japanese culture and explains some of the reasons for this and why it does not conflict with his Nationalist ideals. Although anime usually promotes a conservative viewpoint and encourages a samarai spirit, even this is now becoming corrupted due to cultural marxism.

Lithuania is around 99% White but still has problems with ethnic minorities, but this is due to outside influence more than from the minorities themselves. Russia is still seen as a possible threat to the country after invading and occupying them three times in the past hundred years. Each time this has happened, the Lithuanian nationality has been suppressed, to the point of banning the language and the national flag. Due to this, there are many heroes in Lithuania’s past who risked their lives to bring books and other materials in the Lithuanian language into the country and Mindaugas talks about some of them, as well as a personal hero of his, the President of the country between the wars.

This President came to power through a bloodless coup and instilled a spirit of Nationalism in the country that was strong enough to still be inspiring the people to rebel against the occupier 70 years later. A continuous line can be drawn between the patriots who risked their lives protecting the parliament building against tanks in 1991, through the partisans who continued to fight after the war, all the way back to this first nationalist regime under President Antanas Smetona.

There is a lot of support in Lithuania for the Ukraine revolution and Mindaugas talks a bit about why this is, before giving his thoughts on NATO, the EU and his recent trip to Brussels which happened to coincide with the recent terrorist atrocity there.

Finally he finishes the interview off with a call for unity between Poles and Lithuanians, in order to inspire the other nations of Europe to regain their sovereignty and self respect too.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Mindaugas Sidaravicius

Aryan Insights: Mindaugas Sidaravicius – Lithuanian Nationalist Youth Union

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