Aryan Narrations: The Uprising by Colin Jordan Part 2

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The second part of the series based on Colin Jordan’s book starts with the queers getting their come-uppance at the hands of the British Freedom Force. When this was written, homosexuality was not yet being taught to children in schools and gay marriage was not even a word. Yet Jordan was insightful enough to see that the whole scale promotion of sodomy was just around the corner. At the time, just being identified as queer would have silenced most faggots, unlike today, when they think they have a right to parade down the street half-naked waving their dildoes around.

The next chapter deals with the logistics of taking out the television, so the regime can no loner beam depravity into people’s homes. The BFF carry this out by blowing up the TV transmitters and then replacing the mind-numbing soap operas with the nationalist pirate radio station mentioned in an earlier chapter. All the information on where the TV transmitters were and how they could be disabled was taken from the television companies’ own literature. Finally the power stations themselves are sabotaged, again retrieving the information on how to do this from the official guide to the British power grid.

The Tower of Untruth, a huge holohoax memorial is rigged to blow also, but not before the world has seen it unveiled and are surprised to read about how millions of White people were holocausted by the Jews in world war two, rather than the other way around. The Jewish Prime Minister manages to flee the idol before it blows, only to then be shot out of the sky in his private jet by a rocket launcher stolen from NATO.

The last place to be attacked are the Houses of Parliament themselves when the BFF finally finish what Guy Fawkes started, but not before first stealing the mace, the symbol of the government’s authority.
The whole operation was carried out by just 510 freedom fighters, showing that quality really is more important than quantity as Britain finally awakes, free from the occupying Jewish junta.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from The Uprising by Colin Jordan

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