Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day–Guerrilla Warfare

Last week we discussed our struggle in the context of 4th generation warfare. What does this look like when applied to our actual tactics, however? Are we missing the forest for the trees? We highlight how our trolling and other activities are comparable to the guerrilla tactic of striking soft targets.

It's been a while since we rustled jimmies so next we move on to women. That's always good for a rustling. Out of all the members of our society, women have quite possibly been the most adversely effected group. Why should you accept the notion that you have no value as a woman, unless you can accomplish the things of a man?

After that we go to the listener’s comments portion and address National Socialism as a replacement for our currrent corrupt political system. Is it possible to sell this to the public at large? If so, how and if not, how do we go about getting the system that we want?

Our opponents are doubling down on their efforts. This puts pressure on us, but we have to take a step back and ask ourselves why they are doing this. Could it be that time is not necessarily on their side?
These topics and much more as we enjoy morning coffee with the Lampshade. So pour out a cup, sit down and lets discuss our thoughts of the day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Guerrilla Warfare – GL 041316

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