Radio Aryan Roundtable: Tasty Kebabs and Black-on-White Crime Figures


Grandpa Lampshade brings some Black-on-White crime figures to the table and Sven Longshanks brings news of American universities trembling with fear at the mere mention of the word ‘Trump’.

In some cases, not even the word Trump was used, but just ‘Make America’. Just what is so wrong with making America great again anyway? Could it be that when America was at her best, there were hardly any Blacks or non-Whites? One university banned the word Trump in order to remain politically neutral and another banned all Greek events that week, because Trump was written on a free speech wall. What do the words ‘Free Speech’ even mean anymore, if you are not free to say anything different to what you have been told to say?

Grandpa covers a recent murder of a young female student, who although maybe not White, could just as well have been. The murderer’s face was not shown as usual, but the name gives away the race. Seeing this report spurred Grandpa on to do some background research into the law that was used to help catch him and surprise surprise, the legislation was brought in because a previous Black monster had raped and murdered a White student.

Both hosts then point out the deliberate hiding of Black criminal’s faces and how the government and police conspire to keep the truth about the Black crime wave from us.

Next up is a report from Chicago, claiming the police are racist because 70% of criminals shot by them are Black. This flies in the face of the Chicago statistics for this year, which show Blacks as being responsible for 70% of all murders and that they are 20 times more likely to be a murderer than a White man is. The same problem exists in Britain, where police are accused of being racist because more Blacks are stopped and searched in London than Whites are. People are only stopped if they fit a description of a criminal given by a witness though, so maybe it is all the witnesses who are being racist? Perhaps all those victims of crime are just making it up that it was a gang of Blacks that robbed and stabbed them?

Finally a case of cultural differences in the kebab house is brought up, where an Indian chef refused to use toilet paper and instead used his hands, before then wiping them all over a bottle of water in the kitchen. Mmmm tasty kebabs and the flavour of Asia.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Grandpa Lampshade

Radio Aryan Roundtable: Tasty Kebabs and Black-on-White Crime Figures – RT 041816

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