Radio Free Northwest: Crippled America

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Harold Covington presents another episode of Radio Free Northwest packed with audio clips from NWF members and beginning with good news on the migration front, Class A White people are now slowly but surely arriving.

Gretchen reviews Donald Trumps’ book ‘Crippled America’ interspersed with comment on his most recent debate, where he softened his position on specialist visas as well as Mexicans and she feels that many will have lost faith in him after this.

Trump has been endorsed by Nationalists all over the world for his attempts to restrain the Global South, but he is doing this on a legal basis, rather than an ethnic one. He wants to stop the anchor babies, but by using a statute that could be used to strip citizenship from anyone. He also wants to charge countries for protection if they have American bases and wants to re-invest the profits into American infrastructure, which Gretchen believes he would probably do. Trump does assure us that he wants to take America back from the multinational economic interests, he wants a lowering of tax rates and he wants to eliminate tax reductions for the very rich, but this doesn’t exclude him from saying it is not unpatriotic to move business interests off-shore to save tax.

He is for gun rights and points out that guns are not just for sport, but also for defensive purposes. He is against common core and is an enthusiast for cultural Christianity, such as saying Merry Christmas, rather than Happy Holidays. He is a Republican, but has also donated to Democrats. He is not an environmentalist and supports fracking, but he does see that alternatives such as wind power could be profitable in the future. He is anti-abortion, but sees it as useful in some cases. He is the only candidate who would see a drop in living standards by moving in to the White House. But in the end, he is really just ballast for a sinking ship.

Andy plays a repeat of one of his previous segments, dealing with the excuse that people cannot move to the North West because they need to care for their elderly relatives. If they are really doing this, then that means they are the breadwinner and they are the ones who should be calling the shots, not the relatives. The situation is like when you are a child being cared for by your parents, but reversed. You would not ask the child to make the decisions on where to live and you should not be asking elderly relatives who need caring for either. If they truly depend on you, then they will just have to come along too.

A mother and daughter from Oregon then present an audio piece on Stuff White People Should Like, a website that mocks Whites. They start by pulling apart the feminist attack on the so-called patriarchy, pointing out that women are now pretending to be able to do everything that men do, instead of actually doing what women do. They point out that women should be the property of men, as that means men will protect them. When women have the power in society instead of men then the moral order completely collapses, which is why they have moved to the North West, to help start a real patriarchy.

Harold returns to give his opinion on the previous audio clip and then talks about MGTOW and White Only dating sites to round the podcast off.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Crippled America

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