Radio Free Northwest: Follow his Teachings and Live to his Standards


Harold Covington starts by explaining why he doesn’t make a big deal of Hitler’s birthday. He thinks the best way to honour Hitler is to follow his teachings and to live up to his standards.

He then reports on the New York primaries. Trump won, exactly as predicted and Clinton beat Bernie, which means he now has no chance of beating her unless she gets indicted. The Democrats appear to have engaged in a large amount of fraud in order to ensure that she won. 54,000 democratic voters went missing in Brooklyn and all kinds of other problems happened in New York like non-functioning voting machines, keys to the voting room being lost and even the ballots being filled out by the vote-counters in Harlem. Trump managed to get almost all the delegates in New York and Cruz got none at all, but Harold reminds us that the Republicans will still try to find some way of robbing Trump of his rightful position.

The Trucker is in Texas this week and talks about some of the things you can do while on vacation in the Northwest, like water parks, sea plane races, lake-themed festivals, downhill cycle riding, hunting, fishing and all sorts of other things.

Gretchen reviews the Holy Book of Adolf Hitler by James Battersby this week. The major goal of the fiction is the announcing of a new world order with Berlin as its capital after Germany wins the war. The author believes that all leaders will be Nordic but sees the Japanese as retaining an honorary Aryan status. Barter will be used instead of the gold standard, new constitutions will be drawn up and the government will focus on the spirit rather than the letter of the law. Germany will unite with Russia, pull away from America and will have a victory without force because it is all a part of God’s plan.

Battersby is writing post 1945, but somehow he believes he can call for a global peace conference and appears to be living in a bit of a fantasy world, but it is a good guess at what could have happened had Germany won the war.

Harold returns with some more from his Weird Aryan history series and Andy Donner makes an appearance, then Harold re-appears to lament the thin skin of the average White Nationalist and how this has the effect of limiting what he feels he can say sometimes.

Finally Harold reads out an email that was sent to him, describing a family of beaners encountered in a store who pushed in front of the emailer and stole his place. As he reached the register he said something about Trump’s wall and the result was a gibbering tirade on ‘not tolerating that kind of language’ and a refusal to serve him unless he apologised. The manager refused to discipline the girl and the Trump supporter has now written anonymously to the store informing them that this will be costing them a thousand dollars, as he will not be purchasing anything there again for at least the next 4 months.

More of us should do this.

Presented by Harold Covington

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