Radio Free Northwest: Nobody Lives off Morning Dew


Harold Covington starts with an election update on Donald Trump and his sea-hag adversary. The events of the next two months may signal the collapse of the two-party system and this could cause such economic chaos in the markets, that the Rothschilds really could finally lose it all. The Wisconsin Primary saw the Rockerfeller Republicans going all out to topple the Trump Train and install Cruz in his place, yet Cruz is completely repulsive to everyone, including the GOP establishment. They dont want him any more than they want Trump and are just using him to stop The Donald, before they stab him in the back and put Jeb Bush back in there.

Gretchen reviews Mike Walsh’s Heroes Hang and Traitors Triumph, which contains the stories of William Joyce, Vidkun Quisling, Knut Hamsun and Corneliu Codreanu. She found the book to be fascinating and gives a good summary of each character’s life and exploits in this extra-length review.

The Trucker calls in from the eastern edge of the homeland to point out that the reason why none of the Bernie or Clinton rallies are blockaded, is because Trump’s supporters all work for a living and cannot get the time off.

Andy Donner returns to talk about how everything the enemy does seems to revolve around degenerate sexual behaviour. This pattern can be recognised from past empires before they fell, from the Romans to the Soviets. Modern sexual ethics and the tolerance of deviancy cannot have any place in Nationalist politics unless we want to fail, just like they did. The lion’s share of children in poverty are there because the mother could not keep her legs crossed until she met a suitable man to settle down with and we do not want the same problem happening in the Northwest Republic. The cornerstone of civilisation has always been sexual restraint and this cannot be emphasized enough.

Harold returns to talking about his ideal Northwest Front, the one we would have if he had enough money and resources. Phase one is setting up the support system for migrants, which requires migrants to arrive first to set up the groups and units ready to receive the next lot. It means cadres of full time party organisers who will have to be paid and have their accomodation provided. Of course, this is necessary because once they open their mouths, they will be fired from their jobs.

Once there are enough people, the next step is the North West Agency, which will provide advice and assistance to Whites who wish to migrate. As soon as this is done the flag can be raised, but before any of this can take place, the NWF needs the most important thing of all, people of good character to migrate there.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Nobody Lives off Morning Dew

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