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Radio Free Northwest: Preparing for the Future


Harold Covington is back and starts with his now regular election commentary. He remains convinced that Trump will not be allowed near the Oval office and points out some of the various conspiracies to ensure that Clinton wins instead. America now has a one-party state with an entirely loyal and controlled opposition, who are content to remain perpetually as the opposition. If Trump does get close to the prize, then Harold is convinced he will be assassinated by a loner who hears voices in his head and so we need to plan now, for what happens once our hero is gone.

Gretchen reviews 1924 – The Year That Made Hitler, by Peter Range. It deals with the turmoil in Germany at that time and the rise of Hitler from being asked to investigate the fledgling NSDAP to being adored by thousands at his speeches. Gretchen gives a good synopsis of the 4 years leading up to this point including the intricate relations between the various characters involved in the pustch and what Hitler was trying to achieve with Mein Kampf. She really recommends that people read this book and feels she cannot do it justice in a short review.

The Trucker is now in California and talks about how BLM are now blocking interstates and roads and that this is eventually going to be happening nation-wide.

This leads on to Harold encouraging people to think about the future and what it is likely to hold for us, if the Donald is taken from us. Could there possibly be a revolt, when people realise that their votes really do not matter? We may see a large coalition of different groups united in their disgust at this, but they would require a leader. We may get an Amon Bundy type who has read the right books and finds himself in a situation where he actually points a firearm at one of the dictator’s servants and then tells the world to grab their weapons and follow his lead. Harold believes that a revolt will happen and that if it does, then it will happen like this.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Preparing for the Future – RFN 042816

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