The Daily Traditionalist: All Publicity is Good Publicity

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Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Wednsday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist. The Washington Post has just produced an article designed to smear Heimbach by calling him the next David Duke. They dug around in his private life trying desperately to find people who would run him down, but were unable to. Heimbach’s parents refused to comment and after going right back to his days at college, all they could find was a fellow student who claimed his views were not very popular, but at least he didn’t use racial slurs. This was a bit unfortunate for the publishers, since the first half of the article had been full of accusations of him using mean words against Blacks! 

The great thing about articles like this is that it gets the names of our organisations and spokesmen out there to the public. Even if the stories are far from complimentary, people will still then click on the website of the person concerned to see what they really have to say. When they do this, they see that actually, we are saying all the things that they had been waiting and praying for someone to say! This is why our enemies are so desperate to silence us and refuse to debate any of our talking points. They know that what we are saying is the truth and that it resonates with people.

The Jews at the top are so terrified of our message getting out that they pay large sums of money to these anti-White groups to fund their excursions against us. In Britain the funding comes from Cameron’s government through ‘Unite Against Fascism’ in Europe it comes from Moscow through ‘World Without Nazis’ and in America it comes from George Soros through his many different NGOs.

These useful idiot foot-soldiers who are incapable of debate and only know how to resort to violence, actually see themselves as the ones being persecuted. In a recent circular sent out to people who want to attack Trump supporters in Syracuse, it is clear that they see themselves as the victims, despite them being the ones identifying targets to attack. They are also trying to apply for as many tickets as possible, in the hope of filling the auditorium with Trump haters in order to drown out his message. This is the complete opposite of the way Nationalists behave, as exemplified by the TWP’s plans to go to the Republican convention just so they can talk to the people there. Not throwing cobble stones, not invading the stage and grabbing the mic, not shouting and screaming in people’s faces, just to calmly talk to people about the Nationalist alternative.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: All Publicity is Good Publicity – DT 041316

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