The Daily Traditionalist: Cultural Differences

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Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for a look at the cultural differences between races, concentrating specifically on the revival of the Boko Haram ‘abducted schoolgirls’ news story. These young female negresses were abducted my Nigerian Moslems 2 years ago and now some recent pictures of them have surfaced. The BBC asked the Nigerians if they were annoyed at the West for not continuing to publicise the story for the last two years, but the Nigerians replied that they were amazed that the West were interested in the first place, since it was hardly an out-of-the ordinary occurrence.

Negroes mature at a much earlier rate than Whites and are often married with offspring by the age of 12. These so-called schoolgirls will more than likely all be married off by now with children, which our mainstream media would of course describe as ‘sex slavery’. Marrying at such an early age is common in Africa in order to ensure the female is a virgin and to give the Negress some protection from being raped by other males.

If a mature Negress is out on her own without a man, then she is considered fair game by male Negroes to be raped. Their police have been known to confirm that they would not investigate an accusation of rape if the female had been unaccompanied, as no crime would have actually occurred. This excuse, has also been used in court by Negroes in our own countries, who claim that their own culture would not see what they have done as rape.

Heimbach then reminds us of the cannibal warlords of Nigeria, who used to eat the hearts of young boy soldiers and fight battles in the nude. Surprisingly, these people are now actually putting us in the West to shame, as they are the only ones actually speaking up about homosexuality. This is not down to any cultural aversion to it though, but is due to their desired observance of Biblical law. They are being used to punish and shame us into behaving ourselves, but most of our people do not see it this way, as they have become blind to our moral depravity. Instead of seeing promiscuous behaviour as the tragic result of broken homes and the promotion of pornography, they see at as a reward for their liberal and progressive attitudes.

The reason for the breakdown in our moral fortitude is the admittance into our nations of foreign peoples with different moral values. Our Western values do not now come from our racial soul, but have been fed to us by the Jews. We get the blame from the other races for this, because they do not see the Jew behind it. The solution to this problem of course, is to remove all the alien races from among us.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Cultural Differences – DT 041416

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