The Daily Traditionalist: Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for a special edition of the Daily Traditionalist dedicated to Adolf Hitler. One hundred and twenty years ago, the last of the legendary knights of Christendom was born, destined to protect Western Europe from Bolshevism. He tried so save the whole of Europe, but thanks to the help of traitors to the White race in America and in Britain, it was only the West that was saved from being occupied by Stalin.

Before the war began, the National Socialists had six untroubled years in which they got the chance to put their theories and policies into practice and they were a huge success. If you tell anyone today what these policies were, they will ask why our governments are not doing them now. It is only when they find out that they were National Socialist policies that they start looking for ways they can criticise them.

From an economy based around serving the nation rather than the nation serving the economy, to guarding the spiritual good of the people, the National Socialists centred the whole State apparatus around doing what was best for Germany instead of what was best for the Jewish bankers. Heimbach and Longshanks go on to list some of these changes that Hitler was able to implement and the effects that they had on the country.

We should give credit where credit is due and many of the things we take for granted today, such as clean air acts, government welfare for the disabled, laws against mistreatment of animals and worker’s rights, all had their first appearance in the Third Reich. Many of their ideas are even being promoted by the Left and the conspiracy movement, such as reforming the banks, removing Freemasons from office and abolishing usury. If they were to know these other policies that were put into action besides the racial science, it may help them to see that all we want is the best for our people and not at any other race’s expense either.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler – DT 042016

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