The Daily Traditionalist: How to Unplug from the System

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Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach again to discuss ways that we can resist the system as individuals.

Chief among these is to stop using credit cards or taking out loans. Every time anyone does this, they give the Jew bankers a chance to create more money in the form of debt, with interest on top. The bank does not lend to you from it’s own deposits, it just publishes your promise to repay the amount, in the form of electronic credit, cash or check. You then have to pay this back through your own hard work, plus interest on top, all of which then goes away from your nation and into the Jew’s pocket. At least if you are only using money you have already earned, you are preventing the Jews from using you in this way.

Switching the television off and listening to Nationalist podcasts instead, is also a way to reject the system. Even if you are only watching movies, you will still be filling your head with negative imagery designed to make you feel guilty and inadequate.

The whole consumer-led society is harmful to our morals, as it encourages us to take what we can today without regard to our descendants. Years ago we used to make what we needed ourselves and this can still be done, if you have enough skilled people in your area. If there are not enough, then try learning to do those things for yourself. We used to make our own clothes, shoes, furniture and entertainment before the industrial revolution and it helped to build ties in the community. The Amish still do all this for themselves and can be a good source for hand-made local furniture that will last.

We should also be home-schooling our children and if we are not up to to a teaching standard, then there are plenty of home-school groups that can help. Money does not even have to change hands if you have a marketable skill such as painting, woodworking, gardening etc. Just buying everything you need locally will be a big help to your community and will ensure that your people are getting your money and not the big Jew monopolies.

Change starts from within and we cannot have an external revolution without first having an internal one, at the level of the individual.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: How to Unplug from the System

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