The Daily Traditionalist: Love Your Nation and Defend the Fatherland

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Matthew Heimbach starts the week off by explaining the original Orthodox position on Nationalism, with help from a quote by the Orthodox Patriarch Kyrill demonstrating how the national fits in with the international. We are called to live in ethnic communities in our own fatherland and the way to show love for your neighbour is to be a Nationalist. The nations are organic units that God created, along with their boundaries and their times. It is the organic expression of the people and Nationalism is both scriptural and a part of Church tradition.

We should not be led astray by the heresy of the destruction of our national borders. Out of love for the soul of Arius the heretic, Saint Nicholas punched him in the mouth and we should not be frightened to defend our positions out of fear of offending the heretics in our own times. Jewish gnosticism tells us that the material world does not matter, which means that the nation does not matter. This is at the root of the gnostic heresy which has now been repackaged as Liberalism and Progressivism. The real hate comes from the other side, we do what we do because we love our family (which is our nation) and we are charged by God, to be the stewards of that family.

We must love our fatherland and our brothers by blood around the world. The nation is not limited by lines on a map, but is connected by spirit wherever we happen to reside.

The second part of the podcast is about ‘Look Who’s Back’ a movie based around the idea that Hitler wakes up in 2015. The Germans who see him all think he is a comedian and there is a lot of slapstick, but it was just not funny. There were a lot of scenes where Germans could be seen baring their souls and lamenting what had happened to their fatherland. When the producers interviewed normal, every day people there were some really unguarded moments and it was very sad for Matt to see this. American soldiers still control the streets in Germany and America is seen as an occupying power. Because of this, the German people are denied a voice to condemn the invasion of their country and the film gave them a chance for a few seconds to actually speak their mind. As it comes to an end, the actor is revealed as being the real Hitler and he reminds the viewers that he was voted into power.
The film seemed keen to show that all the while the German nation exists, a part of Hitler will too.

National Socialism and the early Nationalist movements grew out of a love for their people, they were not the Jewish media stereotypes that we see today. Billions have been invested in creating the false narrative that Nationalism is based on hatred and not love. There are some Nationalists who are driven by a pathological hatred and they would not recognise the real Hitler today, because they would want the Jewish version of him. It is easy to fall into hatred, but if you do, you are falling into the trap that has been set for us.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach

The Daily Traditionalist: Love Your Nation & Defend the Fatherland – DT 041816

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