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The Daily Traditionalist: Nationalists and Socialists

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Matthew Heimbach presents a pre-recorded Daily Traditionalist as he will be giving a speech later today, which has also inspired the subject matter for this podcast, concentrating on the socialist part of National Socialist.

There used to be a moral obligation for the nobles of Europe to care for the peasants and to share their blessings with everyone else. They were expected to build schools and provide care when it was needed. This was administered by the church right up until the enlightenment, when the rich were absolved of the expectation of doing this and were encouraged to just make as much money as they could. This has led to the situation today, where jobs are sent overseas and nobody can afford to buy their own home. We are constantly being encouraged to buy things on credit in order to create wealth for the bankers who create nothing of their own, but are just parasites on the wealth of others.

The idea of the nation as an ethnic unit carries with it the obligation to look after all the individual parts of that unit. Socialism in itself is not the problem, it is International Socialism that causes the damage. It believes that White people should fund an endless stream of foreign nations and races, rather than helping our own. This changes the whole concept of socialism, transforming it instead into slavery for a foreign master. Our duty is to care for our own family and not someone else’s family and the extension of that is to care for your own people and not someone else’s people.

We have abandoned our own veterans and poor, because we have been told that our resources and wealth should be going to foreign invaders who do not even speak our language. Legal and illegal immigration brings in millions to Europe and America and costs us billions just in incarceration costs alone. Our socialism is being wasted on foreign tribes and when we see this it makes us mad and inclined to resent providing welfare at all, providing support for cutting the little help that our people do receive.

We need to retake socialism from the internationalists and remind people that it is based on the family unit and that the family unit is of one blood and of one ancestry.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach

The Daily Traditionalist: Nationalists and Socialists – DT 042916


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