The Daily Traditionalist: Putin, Russia and the NWO

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Dr Matthew ‘Raphael’ Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach to talk about Russia and how Putin’s policies could effect Nationalists in the West.

Russia has been initiating positive relations with Nationalist parties throughout Europe and just recently the AFD Youth Wing met with the United Russia Youth Wing. Before World War 1 both Germany and Russia had a lot in common and there is no reason why that should not be the case again, now that Russia is back in Russian hands. Russia is at the forefront of the fight against the NWO and could prove to be a source of funds and resources for Nationalists in the same way that the USSR was a help to the various Communist parties.

Johnson talks about Russia’s holocaust denial law, which was passed by the Duma and signed by Putin last year. It does not actually mention the holocaust and revisionist truths about the Jews are often in the papers and repeated on the floor of the Duma every day. The Bill was aimed at Hitler and people attacking the Russian military version of history, not the holohoax. Nobody has been imprisoned for pointing out there were no gas chambers.

The conversation moves to Ukraine and Johnson is suspicious that the ‘neo-nazis’ are not actually National Socialist at all. He describes himself as being a National Socialist but one that is not supportive of Hitler’s actions and he sees Putin as being the same. No Soviet dictator was ever treated in the way that Putin has been by the West. None of them were ever frozen out and the US even openly supported Stalin and financed him. Nationalism has always been the establishment’s problem, not Communism and Putin’s actions show him to be a Nationalist.

Johnson believes that Russia will be the leader of the anti-imperialist movement and that Putin will be the focal point and figurehead of this movement. The Comintern would finance Communist parties all over the globe, but Russia has not been financing the Nationalists who support them and they should be. Milosovic was told that he needed to do this and hire a PR firm in order to get journalists on his side, but he could not see the importance of this and Putin appears to be the same.

Finally he talks about the Russian concept of democracy, how they associate it with post-modern capitalism and the destruction of their economy. Voting is just a way to give legitimate authority to Putin. When he took power there were no taxes, no military and the Russian people needed a strong leader in order to restore their confidence. This is why the monarchy was so successful for thousands of years and this is why Putin will not be going any time soon.The Czardom would be reinstated if it were possible to, but there is some confusion among the religious bodies in Russia, which is standing in the way of a restoration of the monarchy.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Putin, Russia and the NWO – DT 042516

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