The Daily Traditionalist: Time to Put the Fire Out

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Chris Bond from The Right Voice and is Matthew Heimbach’s guest today. Chris is British and after seeing what was happening in the UK with the immigration problem and the Hate laws, he was inspired to support Nationalism once he came to America.

You would think that after all the terror attacks around Europe, that there would be laws against Moslems preaching, not laws preventing them from being criticised for their behaviour. If the State were really interested in security, they would be going after the Moslems, not the Nationalists. Anjem Choudhary is a good example of this, he campaigns against the British Army, desecrates war memorials and holds demonstrations that shout about taking over Britain, yet he walks around free while White people who have done nothing but put a bit of bacon on a mosque door get imprisoned for months. There is no criticism of these speech laws coming from conservatives at all, they just repeat the same progressive platitudes that the Left do. The government constantly over-rules the will of the people.

Matt points out that the States used to have their own separate sovereignty, but after the civil war they were all forced to obey the same central power and he sees a similar situation happening with the European Union. The common market is a useful thing and so is being able to travel throughout Europe, but neither of those is going to stop if Britain leaves the EU. Mosley pointed out years ago that the financial markets were all connected and that will continue, whether there is a Brexit or not.

People are now losing their livelihoods due to multiculturalism and the immigration agenda being pushed by both the EU and the States. They are also now frightened of the police coming to their home if they stand up and speak about what is going on. This is the same as the KGB did in the Soviet Union, who would show up at the door of anyone who spoke out against the regime. As well as the threats and intimidation, the secret police in America and Britain will also stir up infighting between groups. This is an official tactic that the FBI admitted to using during the sixties and there is no reason why they would have stopped using it after it proved to be so successful for them.

One way to counteract this is to insist on meeting people outside of the internet. There are so many separate nationalist groups in America and a lot of them are not even aware that these other groups exist. We need to work on these inter-group relationships so that it is not possible for people to sow seeds of discontent between them. If a subject tends to cause friction between our people then we should not bring it up in front of them and those who do, should be viewed with suspicion. If a house is on fire, you do not stand around arguing about things while the house burns down, you put your personal issues aside and work together to put the fire out.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Chris Bond

The Daily Traditionalist: Time to Put the Fire Out – DT 041216


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