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The Daily Traditionalist: Unity in the Face of Diversity


Matthew Heimbach presents a solo podcast concentrating on unity between differing groups of people.

He starts with a recap of the Bolshevik takeover and how when the White Russians fled the country, the Orthodox church forbade the remaining Russians to co-operate with their new rulers. The church authorities then moved out of Russia and worked with the NSDAP aginst the Communists. The international coalition that was fighting against the Soviets included Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox and each had the blessings of their churches to take part in this liberation movement. Millions of Europeans united together to fight against Bolshevism and put their religious differences aside to do so. Even some Moslems joined the fight and the Japanese too, who were not even Christian.

Globalism is the enemy of all nations, it was the common threat then and it still is now. Recently Golden Dawn went to Syria to meet representatives of Assad’s government and they also met with Hezbollah last year. This is a good example to set, Nationalist parties networking with others outside Europe to create a united front against our common enemy.

Mount Athos in Greece is one of the holiest sites in Christendom and the monks there in 1941 appealed to Hitler to be their protector and they even put a picture of him next to those of their bishops, despite the fact that Germany was not an Orthodox country. The monks told Time magazine that Hitler was doing the Lord’s work by fighting against the Bolshevik menace and we are still fighting against that menace today, only under a different name.

In the same way that the different faiths and nations united back then to fight against atheistic Communism, we should do all we can to encourage a united force of Nationalists today.

The war for the destruction of national identity has been going on since the first eruption of Bolshevism and it is still the main cause of wars all around the globe. While we do have to prevent our countries from being flooded with the refugees, we cannot forget the excuses they have for coming here. The same forces calling for the war in Syria are also funding the removal of the Syrians into Europe. They start wars in the middle east which help drive the hordes into our countries and divide us, which prevents us from from forming the bonds required to mount a resistance.

As Nationalists today it is important to realise that it is not other European nations or even other races that are the enemy, they are just being used by the enemy, to undermine and divide us. All Nationalists are really fighting against the same corrupt system.

It is not about supremacism, it is about Nationalism.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach

The Daily Traditionalist: Unity in the Face of Diversity – DT 042616


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