The Daily Traditionalist with Matthew Heimbach: DT 040416 - Monday


Paddy Tarleton guests in the first edition of the Daily Traditionalist presented by Matthew Heimbach, a new daily live show at Radio Aryan. Paddy talks about his folk music influences and how he mixes fascism with old time instruments. He grew up in an Anglo-Irish family with bluegrass and Irish music all around him, but at first was more into punk than folk. As he got older he started to appreciate it more and began adding new lyrics to old melodies, expressing his new found fascist beliefs. Folk music is loaded with history, it is the continuing soundtrack of our people and as such, is overflowing with nationalist sentiment.

Paddy plays a Mid 19th century melody for us which he has adapted into ‘The Ballad of Tiny Tim Wise’ dedicated to the loathsome anti-White agitator Tim Wise and including verses about Black Lives Matter and the Jews.

When he was in West Virginia he saw shocking poverty there among White people which really brought home to him how Leftists and Liberals just dont care at all about these people, because they have the wrong coloured skin. Despite their predicament, Paddy says they were some of the nicest people he had ever met in his life and it was this experience that led him to write the second song he performs for us ‘The Rats Aint Hiding No More.’

Paddy is also the mid-Atlantic chapter leader for the Trad Worker Party and if people want to contact him he will be at the next meeting on April 30th. There will be music at the meeting as well as some appearances from him at private parties.

The recording is now finished on Paddy’s new 5 track EP ‘Diversity is our Strength’ and it will be available on American Defence records on vinyl as well as CD and Download.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with Special Guest Paddy Tarleton

The Daily Traditionalist with Matthew Heimbach: DT 040416 – Monday

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