The Stormer Report: A Detail of History

Lee Rogers from InfoStormer joins Sven Longshanks for another Stormer Report and starts by giving his take on Trump’s loss at the Wisconsin primary. The Jews think they can convince people that Cruz is an outsider who is against the system and this may have worked in Wisconsin, but it will not work everywhere. Cruz has advocated for unlimited free immigration from South America into the States and if he gets in, this is exactly what he will do, regardless of any false promises he makes to the gullible public.

Young White people everywhere are revolting against the system and when given a chance to be heard, are keen to show that they know what is going on. The Students for Trump who were invaded by Black agitators and other Cultural Marxists made a point of correcting the Info-Whores journalist when she tried to claim the Antifa were behaving like fascists, by calling their tactics ‘Stalinist’ instead. They also said that what these disruptors really are is Anti-White.

Universities are now the most closed minded places in western society and this is down to the ultra-high concentration of Jews in the teaching posts. One of the Black agitators who was jumping around and getting in people’s faces in the video was actually a member of staff there, which she was keen not to let anyone forget. These Blacks would not even be able to read or write, let alone speak English if it wasn't for White Americans purchasing them and taking care of them during the slavery era. They are so ungrateful, that after being given a Rhodes scholarship to pay for their studies, the first thing they do when they arrive at the university is try to get the Rhodes statue pulled down for representing White privilege!

Bernie Sanders has said he will apoligise for slavery if he wins the presidency and give reparations in the form of assistance to ‘poor’ communities. Of course by poor, he really means Black, there will not be any money going to any of the poor White communities such as the ones Matthew Heimbach stands up for. Andre has pointed out that Bernie should really be apologising for killing Christ, if we are now going to be held responsible for what our ancestors did.

The crucifixion of Christ has been replaced as the most important event in all history by the gas chambers at Aushwitz and there was more confirmation of this last week when Jean Marie Le Pen was fined 30,000 Euros for calling the holocaust ‘A detail of history’. Surely this is an affirmation by him of it happening though, if he called it a detail of history? The heresy must be that Le Pen did not call it the defining point of all history ever. Pledging allegiance to Jewry and paying honour to the imaginary idol of six million dead parasites is now essential to anyone wishing to be given sympathetic newspaper or television coverage.

At least Ernst Trammel the 91-years-old Auschwitz guard was spared the indignity of having to grovel for mercy before a baying lynch mob of Jews out for his blood last week, when he gave up the ghost just days before being in court accused of murdering over a thousand imaginary Jews during world war two.
There is more good news at the end of the podcast when we learn about a Nintendo child-sex advocate getting the sack and Ohio State university shutting down the Blacks, before they could begin another Mizzou.

The news about the feminist getting the sack is particularly good, showing what can be done with the numbers we now have and the network of online activists that has been built through the Daily Stormer – the most visited alt-right site on the net.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Lee Rogers

The Stormer Report: A Detail of History – SR 041116

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