The Stormer Report: IVF Treason and Obama Interference


Lee Rogers joins Sven Longshanks for another Stormer Report, bringing you the best news stories from the Daily Stormer and InfoStormer.com.

The first subject is the implantation of competitor races within the wombs of White women and the funding of a defective Afghan couple to do the same. The Afghan couple already have two severely disabled offspring that the Austrian State has to care for, but at least they are not mixed-race monstrosities like the other ones that made the news this week. Both hosts talk about why IVF is such a wicked technology and how using it to create mongrels makes it doubly evil. There really should be a law to prevent racial schizophrenia being forced upon unconsenting children like this.

Both of the White females involved were looking at their future offspring as a product to be purchased, not as a new life to be created. For every new IVF baby created fourteen other embryos have to be killed. The doctors fertilise a series of eggs and then just use one, killing off all the rest. Instead of that baby being created through the love of a man and a woman, the baby is created through the murder of other babies. What a nice thing to learn for those who were created in this way, on top of knowing you have a biological father who sold you and no ethnicity to belong to.

Next up is Obama’s visit to Britain and his attempts to bully the British public with threats to send them to the back of the queue if they vote to leave the EU. But who is it that controls the EU anyway? Is it Merkel? Or is it Erdogan, who now has complete control over EU immigration policy thanks to the ‘Syrian’ refugee resettlement into Europe program that he has been put in charge of, on top of visa free travel for his ninety million Turks? It certainly looks like it, when you take into account the arrest of Germans and Dutch for telling jokes about him.

Thankfully Trump seems like he would be happy to do a trade deal with Britain outside of the EU and news of a recent bomb threat against our champion is covered, as well as Hillary trying to buy internet support in order to counter the tsunami of dank Trump memes.

After this the two hosts take a look at diversity in the mainstream media. The BBC have announced that by 2020, one in six screen roles are to go to queers, transgenders and cripples. Never mind the fact that queers only make up 1% of the population anyway, a realistic portrayal of life is not what the BBC are about. Negro super-sleuths and White men grooming Paki schoolgirls is what the BBC wants people to see.

Finally the podcast ends on a positive note with the glad tidings that Norbert Hofer from the Freedom Party in Austria has won the first round of the presidential elections with a massive 36%, while his closest rivals only got around 11%, showing that the Austrian people are firmly against any more Islamic immigration. Could we perhaps now see a revival of the old Austrian-Hungarian alliance between Hofer and Orban?

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Lee Rogers

The Stormer Report: IVF Treason and Obama Interference – SR 042516

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