Truth Will Out Radio: Gas Chambers Revisited


Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise return with their weekly live show, this week looking at the so-called holocaust and questioning David Irving’s recent change in direction regarding the mass genocide of Jews.

Irving has really been made to suffer by the ruling regime, losing his career, much of his wealth and belongings and being thrown into a ZOG dungeon at an elderly age, so for him to change direction is not entirely unexpected, although it is a shame to have come so far and then to give up. If the evidence he presented for the organised mass genocide of Jews was unarguable, then it would be a different matter, but it isn’t, it is really flimsy and relies entirely on his say-so and his interpretation of certain phrases as having a secret genocidal meaning identifiable only to him. It also relies upon his assertion that bulldozers were not being used for their stated purpose, but there is nothing anywhere to show that, it all relies on him saying they might have been.

Perhaps the Jews have got to him, threatened his family or held out a reward he could not refuse, either way he still has our respect and is still the best world war two historian in the world, it is just that we might have to ignore what he says about the holohoax from now on.

Both hosts point out the impossibility of there being any gassings, shooting was the most efficient way to execute people as the Bolsheviks demonstrated. They had it down to a conveyor belt system, where one person could be dispatched every few minutes, their bodies going down a chute to a waiting truck outside to be buried in mass pits in the woods. Gassings would have used up far too much effort and why bother, when you need all the labour you can get for the war effort?

The real sadists of world war two were the Jews, whose crimes against the European nations occupied by the Soviets are beyond the imaginations of most right-thinking White people. They have form at this as well, Flavius Josephus described the behaviour of the Jews in Jerusalem shortly before the Romans raised it to the ground and their blood lust and depravity back then was just the same as it is now. They even dressed up as women while doing it, filling the temple with mutilated bodies until the blood was flowing from it and burning down all the grain stores in order to cause mass famine and cannibalism.

The Jews want the world to think that the victims of the war, the Germans and White people in general, were in actual fact mass-murders of Jews. This is not true and we will not accept it, although we will still accept David Irving as one of our own.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Gas Chambers Revisited

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