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Truth Will Out Radio: An Interview with Evalion


Truth Will Out Radio welcomes Evalion this week, who has been creating quite a stir with videos such as ‘The Most Anti-Semitic Video Ever’ and ‘How to Identify a Jew’.  Also present is Dennis Wise, Sven Longshanks and Messerschmitt, who starts the program off with a presentation tying up all the loose ends from his previous biographies of German war heroes. Beginning with some quotes from Hans Rudel’s biography he moves on to analysing the Mossad reports on Skorzeny, before finishing up with his own translation of Donitz’ speech to the German people at the sad news of the fuhrer’s passing.

After Schmitt’s presentation Evalion answers questions about what brought her to Nationalism and how it has affected her life. After seeing the difference in the way Germans were treated from Jews, she started questioning the gas chamber myth and that led on to re-examing the world war two story. Thanks to the internet the information is now easily accessible for people to find and she has added to that herself, with her well produced propaganda videos.

She talks about the process involved in making them, the time it takes and how she has had some professional instruction in producing them. Dennis asks her about the situation in Canada and what she thinks of the new prime minister and she explains how there are no Nationalist parties there to speak of. If there were, she would be happy to get involved but feels that propaganda is really where her talents lie.

The Canadian schools are full of feminism and they target girls at a very young age, Evalion has been helpful in steering young girls away from this and has also helped red-pill her own family through her research. The holohoax was nowhere near as ubiquitous as it is now in the seventies and eighties, so it can be easier to explain the truth about Hitler to older people because of this. They have not been subjected to the same brainwashing that millennials have, even though they were still taught to be degenerate. Evalion also discusses the Teletubbies video and talks about her direct contact with Jews, which helped lead her to her conclusions about them. She has put her face out there knowing full well the problems this could cause for her employment prospects, but believes these were low anyway thanks to the amount of diversity in her area.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt, with special guest Evalion

Truth Will Out Radio: An Interview With Evalion – TWOR 042916


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  1. Evalion has been Shoah'd by Jewtube . #SaveEvalionFromTheJews

  2. Evalion has been Shoah'd by Jewtube . #SaveEvalionFromTheJews