Truth Will Out Radio: Otto Skorzeny and Game of Thrones


Truth Will Out Radio starts with another war hero presentation from Messerschmitt, this time concentrating on Otto Skorzeny. Schmitt translates letters from Bishops at the time of the Anschluss, showing that the Church fully supported National Socialism and the duty of all Christians to preserve their race and nation. He also talks about the mansur fencing tradition that gave Skorzeny his characteristic scar, his travels across Europe and some of his war-time exploits that earned him his medals. Skorzeny was reminded of the colours of the rainbow when he thought about the European nations, all entirely different and separate to one another, but united together to produce something greater than it’s individual parts. He was also not happy about fighting against his European brothers in France, but knew that it was inevitable thanks to Jewish manipulation of the media.

The Jews have tried to smear Skorzeny by claiming that he worked for the Mossad, but since it is only the Jews that have made this claim about him, the likelihood is that it is not true and Schmitt also produces a quote from him confirming that he never took part in any commando raids after the war. Part Two of the presentation will be next week.

Dennis has been following the Trump phenomenon in America and points out how the media used to love Donald Trump when he was in the reality tv shows, but now that he is standing for president they are doing all they can to prevent him. Rupert Murdoch’s Sky tv recently did a hatchet piece on him, that failed to interview any of his supporters and instead tried to influence people not to vote for him.

The Jewish media does not just serve to influence public opinion, but is also used to degrade and demoralise us. Dennis describes some of the depravity that is currently being shown in ‘Game of Thrones’ where White people are depicted as engaging in paedophilia, sodomy and human sacrifice. The cumulative effect of seeing such images serves to desensitise us and keep us from noticing what is happening around us. A similar thing happens with pornography, which puts us into a disassociated state like the animals experience when they are in the middle of mating.  The solution to this is to keep your mind pure by not watching the tv. There are plenty of Nationalist podcasts and videos available online to take the place of it now anyway.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Otto Skorzeny – TWOR 040816

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