Truth Will Out Radio: Rescuing Mussolini


Truth Will Out Radio is back, with the final installment of Messerschmitt’s presentation on Skorzeny and the tale of Trotsky from Dennis, detailing how the Freemasons helped the Bolsheviks to take over.

The daring rescue of Mussolini by Oscar Skorzeny gets overlooked in most stories from the war and is even minimised by Wikipedia, yet his autobiography goes into great detail on this incredible mission against all odds, that succeeded without even a shot being fired. Both sides behaved honorably, with the enemy even being given their pistols back on admitting their defeat and going on to help remove the rubble from the runway for the plane to arrive and pick the rescue team up.

Skorzeny would go on to sue a British newspaper for slandering him and win £10,000, £5,000 of which he donated to British servicemen injured in the war and the other £5,000 going to German ones. This shows the honour that this man had and the culture of honour that we all had, in a Europe that was free of the other races and the immorality and deceit which follows them.

Dennis had a computer meltdown this week but had the forethought to back up his material, including his presentation on Trotsky and the Bolshevik revolution. Trotsky was a champagne socialist who travelled first class while pretending to be the champion of the proletariat. He was funded with millions of dollars by the Jewish banker Jacob Schiff in order to start a revolution in Russia and take down the Czar. He was also working for the British Secret Service at one point and had help from the Freemasons in the government of Russia, who simply handed over authority to him despite the people voting against it.

Once the Bolsheviks were in power, they let all the criminals out of prison and gave positions of authority to them, in order to strike fear and terror into the proletariat. This tactic has been used by the Jews and Freemasons in revolutions all the way from the renegade Jews in ancient Jerusalem to the Arab prisoners released in order to fight for ISIS today.

Around the same time that Trotsky left for Russia, the Freemasons of France made their gift of the Statue of Liberty to New York. This statue was based upon the figure of Semiramis, ancient goddess of Babylon and rumoured to have been Nimrod’s wife and mother. A similar gift to New York has been made today, a replica of the temple of Baal from Palmyra, a place where human sacrifice and orgies went on in the ancient world. Even though this serves a purpose of reminding us of the technical skill of our ancestors, it also reminds us that the same sick people were in power back then as now.  

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Rescuing Mussolini – TWOR 042216

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