Truth Will Out Radio: Skorzeny and Gaddafi


Dennis Wise and Sven Longshanks are joined by Messrschmitt again for the second part of his Otto Skorzeny presentation and a discussion based on Part 17 of Dennis documentary series ‘Communism by the Back Door’.

We left off last week near the start of the war and this week Schmitt talks about the special unit that Skorzeny formed, ‘Unit for Special Disposal’. They would be used for unconventional operations based on Skorzeny’s theory that the minimum of force should be used to gain the maximum effect. Because of Skorzeny’s success in battle he had many personal interactions with Hitler and in one of these, he was told why Hitler would not authorise research into the atomic bomb.

Schmitt also talks about the amount of traitors among the Germans who were helping the allies, even their intelligence chief was working for the enemy and one was actually awarded by the Soviets after the war. With the traitors and the British code breaking machine, it is amazing that the German army had any success at all, let alone almost managed to win.

The rumour of Skorzeny joining operation Wehrwolf and training the recruits for it is also addressed, but the evidence for this happening is shown to be surprisingly scant.

Next week Schmitt’s presentation will concentrate on the rescue of El Duce by ‘The Most Dangerous Man in Europe’.

The second half of the podcast is devoted to Part 17 of Communism by the Back Door, which shows the Rothschild’s Pagan Temple on their grounds and their links to Luciferianism, as well as their control of the mass media and the Crown. Dennis and Sven then discuss some of the subjects shown, including the Libyan revolution and how Putin was deceived by the UN and unable to prevent Gaddafi’s assassination. Because of what happened to Muammar, Putin continually vetoed any resolution against Syria and has done all he can since, to prevent US/EU/Israel world hegemony.

The video also shows how various highplaced Jews can all be traced back to the Rothschilds, such as the Bronfmans, whose surname you may not have heard of but the people themselves you will be aware of.

The Jewish role in fermenting revolution is also highlighted as going all the way back to Roman times, when they were constantly revolting against the empire.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Skorzeny and Gaddafi – TWOR 041516

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