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Azzmador from Hidden Mysteries Radio joins Sven Longshanks to talk about our enemy the Jews and the good work he is doing in exposing them.

The conversation starts by learning how Azzmador came to be doing what he is doing and his first experience with Jews. Instead of discovering what they were up to through the conspiracy scene, he had experience of them in his life and then came across the Truth movement years later. He talks about where his research has led him and how the Jews have been parasites in every nation they have ever been embedded among. The various ways the Jew subverts the people are discussed, from fermenting revolution in the Roman empire to printing their own Jewish versions of the Bible during the reformation, these locusts have never been of any positive benefit to us.

Just like the Negroes they are unable to provide for themselves and this was proved when they were given the whole country of Birobidjian to themselves, but now 80 years later the population is only 0.2% Jewish. Israel is only kept afloat by aid from other countries and it is not like it was ever thought they could provide for themselves, there were many programs tried in the Middle Ages to get the Jews to learn how farm and be productive and every single one of them failed.

Part of their strategy is to flood the nations they live among with other foreigners so they stand out less and Azzmador talks about the immigration acts in America which they were behind. He has seen whole areas in Texas turn from majority White to Latrino war-zones in just in a few decades and the phenomenon of White Flight is discussed and how the Blacks then had the cheek to demand that Whites still pay their taxes to the area which they had left.

Like London which now has a Moslem mayor, many of the important positions in the Texas administration have been taken over by Non-Whites. This is the logical progression when an area becomes majority brown and they soon stop speaking English at all once that happens. We bend over backwards to provide signage in every language besides our own, yet once they get into power you stop seeing signs in English anywhere.

The podcast finishes with a look at Azzmador’s Twitter activities. He has been banned 25 times for holding public Jews to account and has helped red-pill many through this type of activism. The more the Jews get hysterical about the slightest hint of patriotism, the more the general public realise that something is up. The Trump campaign has been particularly good for this and Azzmador explains how the more they criticise him, the more people can see how much the Jews hate Americans and White people in general.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Azzmador

Aryan Insights: Azzmador–Hidden Mysteries Radio – AI 051816

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