Radio Aryan Roundtable: When the Majority View is not Popular

Azzmador joins Sven Longshanks and Grandpa Lampshade for a Radio Aryan Roundtable this week, looking at 3 news stories that caught the eye of each host.

First up is Sven Longshanks, with an article calling for the rules of democracy to be changed, because the majority are no longer voting in the way the Jews want. Dirk Kurbjuweit writing for Der Spiegel is terrified that Austria will vote for Norbert Hoffer as president and even goes so far as to claim that journalists are now living in fear, due to intimidation from Trump supporters.

Azzmador points out that the majority view is popular by definition and comes up with a fantastic quote about governments changing the electorate instead of the electorate changing the government. This is exactly what has happened in London, where once the tipping point in the brown masses had been reached, a Moslem mayor was then elected.

The Jews are the main ones pushing for this replacement of White people with browns and when they get called out on it, they shriek and wail and call for immediate censorship and incarceration of the critic. Azzmador brings up a hilarious news story about this, where a New York Times editor spent a whole 8 hours re-tweeting every anti-semitic tweet he received, after he himself had been attacking supporters of Trump. This was headline news in Haaretz and it also got some of our favourite memes onto their site.

This sparks a discussion on how social media can be turned to our advantage. When Facebook and Twitter first came out, the intelligence and security services thought it would be a great tool for them to be able to monitor us and journalists were saying how wonderful it was that they could interact with their readers and hear what they had to say. Now that they do not like what we have to say, they think the general public will have sympathy with them, but it is the general public who are sending them the tweets!

Grandpa Lampshade has also been doing some sterling work this weekend looking into the recent disappearance of an Egyptian plane, which was probably downed by Moslems again just like the last one. When researching the ethnic make-up of airline personnel, he was not surprised to discover that Europe and America’s airports are infested with foreigners thanks to the diversity agenda. He also realised that 70 genuine Moslems had been sacked already from the French airport that the Egyptian plane took off from, for supporting terrorism. You would think that following a religion that calls for the killing of all unbelievers would have tipped the authorities off that these employees were a high risk, but It wasn’t until they had actually found Arabic graffiti saying ‘Allah Akhbar!’ carved into the fuselage of the planes that they were finally given their marching orders.

Passengers are now having to arrive at airports 3 hours before boarding their flight due to all the security checks. Yet thanks to the Diversity agenda, the very people searching you are more likely to be Moslem terrorists than the passengers are. All these interruptions and intrusions to our normal lives due to Islamic terrorism could have easily been avoided, if we had just turned the Jews down and refused to allow any non-Whites into the country in the first place.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Grandpa Lampshade and Azzmador

Radio Aryan Roundtable: When the Majority View is not Popular – RT 052316

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