Radio Free Northwest: Calling a Spade a Spade

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Harold Covington starts with his regular update on the presidential race and concentrates on the Democrats campaign this week and how Hillary seems convinced that she will be able to buy the election and then pardon herself for treason once she gets in.

He then plays an audio clip that explains why people are refusing to do what the media tells them and are still supporting Trump, before playing another clip with some economic advice for nationalists, explaining how people can make money for themselves by repairing a product and then selling it on.

Gretchen then returns to discuss ‘Look Who’s Back’ by Timur Vermes, which was recently made into a film. Hitler is brought back to life and believes that this is because he is needed to save his folk. He becomes a comedian in order to do this and learns about Reality TV and the internet. Eventually he decides to support the Green Party as they are concerned with the homeland, but rejects the NPD as they have not lived up to his standards. The book is different to the movie version, is told from Hitler’s viewpoint and the author does makes Hitler sound like Hitler, but he is sometimes incoherent in his writing. Gretchen thinks people will be reluctant to put the book down and will end up reflecting on life and loss because of it.

Harold then talks about an improvement in the party’s prospects, with more people migrating to the North West and showing an interest in the project. He asks for more volunteers to help with producing literature and paraphernalia.

He then plays a long Youtube clip explaining some more about the way the economy works and how we should do what Trump suggests and default on the debt. We have been through far worse and survived, we have had two world wars and are still here. Anyone who lent the US government money is as stupid as those who lend money to Negroes. This money should never had been lent out to a risky debtor like the government, that is insolvent and has nothing at all to show for it. Tax payers are sick of paying their money just to pay the interest on an odious debt incurred by traitors.

Trump is just calling a spade a spade and we should be defaulting on this debt.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Calling a Spade a Spade – RFN 051816

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