Radio Free Northwest: The Economy of the New Republic


Harold Covington starts with his usual presidential horse-race report and questions what is going to happen to the Cruz, Rubio and Kasich delegates? They are usually used as bargaining chips to try and get the vice-president’s position, but would Trump even consider one of his former opponents for that? 

He then gives some reasons for moving to the North West aimed at those who have accumulated some wealth where they are and are reluctant to leave it, such as a nice house or a good business.
After that he answers a question about markets and trading and how the republic will function without them or interest-bearing loans, by explaining the different ways the economy used to work before the introduction of usury. This includes a short history of how our modern banking system came about through converso Jews and the Lombardies and why a return to the gold standard would not be of any use to us.

Gretchen talks about ‘Fist Fights with Moslems in Europe’ by Julian Langness this week, which tells the story of a Norwegian returning to Norway to rediscover his roots. He finds that instead of being peaceful like the Norwegians, the Moslems there are all keen to have a fight. He talks about the roots of jihad and how Islam is more concerned with conquering the world, rather than being a religion. He notes that not only will we eventually have to keep the Moslems out of Europe, but we will also have to fight against the ones already there. Gretchen’s review doesnt really pass judgement on the book, but it appears to be informative and worth reading.

Harold returns to talk about how joyful it is to see the Leftist blogs and news sources screaming and shouting and ranting and raving about Trump, before presenting a final segment on a violent rampage by a homeland security officer who killed his wife with his government issued fire-arm.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Economy of the New Republic – RFN 051216

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