Radio Free Northwest: The Resurrection of Our People


Harold Covington starts by welcoming a new White Nationalist to the Pacific Northwest and lets others know that they should give us much advance warning as possible, if they want a welcome upon arrival. This into was recorded the day before the Primary, but Harold makes the correct guess that Donald Trump would win and continues with an update on all the back-stabbing between Trump’s competitors. After this he answers a letter from Chris in England, about how to start an insurgency.

Gretchen reviews Enemy of the State by Tommy Robinson, ex-spokeman for the EDL. It is based around Luton and his personal insights into the Moslem ghettoes there. He joins the BNP but was compromised by his non-White friendships and failed to understand the importance of race but despite his anti-racist beliefs, the media still portrayed him as Far-Right. He claims that NF and BF have both made deals with American conservatives for funding, but he refused a deal himself until the Quilliam foundation came along. Gretchen thinks the book was an interesting read, due to Robinson’s insights into Britain today and his love for England, but you may be put off by his acceptance of diversity.

A speech from Pastor Richard Butler the follows from the eighties, on the importance of race and the resurrection of our people.

Harold returns after the results of the primary had been heard, with news of Ted Cruz stepping down and Bernie staying in the race and hoping that the secret police will finish off Clinton for him.

He then returns to the letter from the introduction and gives us his theories on why it is that no-one is doing anything.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Resurrection of Our People – RFN 050516

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