The Daily Traditionalist: 14 Sacred Words Down South


Matthew Heimbach comes back with a brand new edition of The Daily Traditionalist with not one, but two guests. After a very successful meeting in Philadelphia this weekend for the Traditionalist Worker Party and a fantastic celebration of Orthodox Pascha (Easter) Matt is back on the line on our normal schedule.

Joining Matt today is Jason Augustus of 14 Sacred Words, a growing pro-White and Traditionalist music project that is taking the movement here in America and around the world by storm. Jason also is the Chief of Propaganda for the Traditionalist Worker Party and has been an amazing asset to taking the movement and the Party into the 21st century in regards to propaganda.

Also on the line was Chris Bond, reporting back about his recent trip to Stone Mountain Georgia and his experience at the Philadelphia TWP meeting this past weekend.

The guests discuss with Matt a variety of subjects including the disarmament of Europeans around the world, the importance of firearm ownership and a bigger picture of how if we lose the nationalist struggle, all of Europe and America will resemble the violent and multicultural hell of New York City and London.

The living conditions of rural Whites when they are in the majority and where community cohesion and trust are high is brought up and  compared to the feelings of isolation and danger that White’s face in multicultural areas.

A further discussion is had on the importance of not falling into the Jewish propaganda trap of wearing costumes and insignias that alienate us from our constituents, the White working class.

The show wraps up with a conversation about the future of our movement and how unity can make us stronger and more powerful, while the multicultural Left is beginning to eat itself with division.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guests Jason Augustus and Chris Bond

The Daily Traditionalist: 14 Sacred Words Down South – DT 050316

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