The Daily Traditionalist: The Absurdity of Political Correctness


Sven Longshanks and Matthew Heimbach begin another edition of The Daily Traditionalist by examing how the radical Left attempt to redefine any opposition to their agenda as a form of “phobia” or hatred. Whether it is supporting traditional marriage, being pro-life or not wanting jihadist sympathizers allowed in your nation, the Left always attacks nationalists and traditionalists as somehow being afraid of these policies, while of course the real motivation for nationalists is a love of one's Faith, Family and Folk and a desire for a healthy nation.

A recent terrorist training exercise in England has been called “Islamophobic” because the mock terrorist shouted “Allahu akbar” during the drill. Leftists forced the local police to apologize and have even gone on the media asking why the mock terrorist “didn’t recite the Ten Commandments.” This attack on Christianity is an attempt to redefine the threat facing Europe of ‘Islamic terrorism’ into ‘religious terrorism’ and also implies that all religions are the same.

Christians of course understand the proper time and place to fight, in accordance with Christian Just War doctrine and that never involves blowing yourself up or attacking civilians, radical Wahhabi Islam however regularly uses suicide bombs and attacks on innocent men, women and children to promote their agenda of fear; showing a clear disconnect on the part of the forces of political correctness trying to equate Wahhabi Islam and Traditional Christianity.

Matt and Sven then discuss the recent election of a Moslem mayor of London and how this coupled with recent media attacks redefining our history is part of a larger ethnic and cultural genocide against Europeans.

Rewriting our history is a part of destroying our European ties to one another and to our land, to better allow for the conquest of our nations by the foreign invaders, a plan promoted by the Jewish oligarchs and elites.

Demographics is destiny and as the Third World pours into the West, we should not be surprised that these groups are electing their own leadership in cities and regions, while promoting their own culture and religion as they work to displace the European peoples of our Homelands.

Matt and Sven finish up the show with some final thoughts about how if these different groups do not share a belief in the same God, then how can we possibly take their oaths as genuine? Our whole civil system used to based upon taking oaths to our God who will take vengeance upon those who break them. If they are taking an oath upon a different god, then on what legal basis are they even in office?

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: The Absurdity of Political Correctness – DT 051216

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