The Daily Traditionalist: Father Charles Coughlin


Matthew Heimbach devotes a pre-recorded episode to Father Charles Coughlin and the movement that he started. He was a Canadian priest and a Traditionalist, who started doing radio broadcasts concentrating on the poverty that he saw around him in America in the thirties. He spoke about it being the duty of the church to stand up for the poor and to force the government to change it’s policies.

We are living in similar times today, where there is no difference between Republican and Democrat and where American homes are being foreclosed upon and millions of White Americans are out of work. Coughlin spoke about these same problems caused by inequality back then and saw fascism as the answer.

He started a newspaper along with his his radio shows and used them to call for social justice, which he defined on nationalist terms, not communist terms. Matt reads out some of the demands he made at the launch of the Union for Social Justice, including the nationalisation of essential industry and the ending of the Fed. The economy must work for the people and not the other way around.

He believed in kicking the Jews out of government and was not shy about exposing them either. He was able to get millions of listeners and then he started speaking out against the war. Because of this, he was taken off the airwaves but he still had his paper. Then they defined his paper as seditious and banned them from being delivered by mail.

If Coughlin was alive today, it would be impossible to silence him as we now have the internet and we are continuing his work today, with our text and audio media, available to anyone who is online. They cannot silence us any more, the truth is breaking free and it is up to us, to continue carrying his flame until that touchpaper is finally lit and the regime lies in ashes.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach

The Daily Traditionalist: Father Charles Coughlin – DT 052616

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