The Daily Traditionalist: Geo-Politics with Matt Johnson

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Matthew Heimbach is joined with Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson to discuss geopolitics in Asia and its impact on nationalists here in the West.

The show starts off with a discussion of the recent election of Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines. Mr. Duterte was the mayor of Davoa City in the Philippines and over the course of his tenure he turned what was once a crime ridden and drug infested city, into one of the safest major cities in all of Asia.

The radical Left in America hates him for his traditional views of marriage and his tough stance on crime and corruption that earned him the nickname “The Punisher” and his nationalist policies towards both the United States and China. When rabid Leftists hate a man and a movement this strongly, it is usually a good indicator that he is an ally of nationalists around the world.

Dr. Johnson also talks about the politics of Burma and how the New World Order worked to overthrow the National Socialist military rule of the nation and replace it with a globalist friendly “democratic regime.”

Heimbach then discusses how the media assault against the military government was seen even in a Rambo film and other parts of the media, where the American public were told to hate the Burmese government and desire another regime change. In the constant battle between globalism and nationalism, the Philippines and Burma are two examples of how countries in the same region are taking different sides, and how the globalists are frantically trying to control the region for their interests and the resources found there.

Dr. Johnson and Matt then bring up the important role of China in modern geopolitics, not only in the region but also towards the American economy. The American Middle Class is a figment of our imagination because it is a class based entirely on cheap credit and debt, a system that is quickly becoming unsustainable as American wages dip, debt is skyrocketing and jobs flood overseas. The American economy is on the brink of collapse, held together only by the good will of the Chinese who are likely positioning themselves to dominate the world economy by holding all the cards to the continued existence of the American Empire.

The show ends with a discussion on the importance of preparing for these economic and geopolitical realities, forming communities, staying loyal to comrades and looking towards allies around the world against the Jewish controlled System that we in the West live under.

The Chinese, Russians and others want the same thing that White nationalists in America do, the breakdown of the America/Israel/EU regime which would allow us all to become independent and allow these other nations to reject all forms of imperialism and allow them their proper place in the world.

A small victory in the Philippines might seem insignificant to us in the West, but the ramification of another nation taking the path to nationalism is a good sign for the changing winds of global politics as a whole and should encourage us in our struggle.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Geo-Politics with Matt Johnson – DT 051016

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