The Daily Traditionalist: Jason Augustus on Jewish Double Standards


Jason Augustus checks back in to The Daily Traditionalist to talk about the culture shock of returning back to New York and his recent removal from Facebook for ‘religious hate speech’. After seeing how close-knit communities live in the American Mid-West, he has noticed the negative effects of being back in the city and has even felt the change physically since returning.

The conversation moves around to Facebook and the recent evidence of tampering with trending news stories in order to hide the conservative viewpoint and promote the Liberal one. Besides artificially injecting news stories into people’s lives, Zuckerberg’s outfit also likes to withdraw the facility of free speech to people whose politics he disagrees with. Jason attempts to define what it is that the likes of Zuckerberg and Soros are afraid of. He feels that they are used to being able to purchase everything, whereas things like truth and nature cannot be purchased and the thought of not being able to buy a movement off scares them.

Facebook recently removed Jason’s page for his band 14 Sacred Words and they accused him of using racial and religious slurs in his music, yet all he used is the word Jew. If they are removing pages for being against a religion, then what about the major league black metal bands who have incredibly offensive lyrics about Christ and Christianity? There is a double standard here, where Jews get a special protection and Christians are seen as fair game.

The prime motive of the Left is to attack Christianity, in fact they have almost made it fashionable to. You wont see Pagans, Moslems or Atheists being openly mocked and ridiculed, only Christians and specifically White Christians. Matt points out that he has found countless ISIS pages on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter encouraging young Moslems to behead Europeans. ISIS have famously refused to target Israel with their threats, could this be the reason why they are given free reign in social media?

To close the podcast, Jason talks about adding the finishing touches to his new album and the role his music plays in reinforcing the nationalist identity. It should be released some time between August and November on two different labels, one for Europe and one for America.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Jason Augustus on Jewish Double Standards – DT 052316

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