The Daily Traditionalist: Jewish Drug Peddlers in Modern Medicine

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Another exciting week of The Daily Traditionalist kicks off with an interview with Erik Striker, a writer for ACTION!, the Party publication of the Traditionalist Worker Party and his own site The Social Nationalist.

Matt and Erik start a lively discussion about the parallels between the Jewish controlled opium trade in China during the 18th and 19th centuries and the current epidemic of prescription drugs in White rural areas.

In China the Jewish oligarchs wanted to trade in Chinese tea to sell on the world market, but the Chinese people and leaders wanted to be paid for the tea in gold or other usable currencies. In order to break the ability for the Chinese to organize and control their own economy, Jewish merchants with their Gentile collaborators pumped large quantities of cheap opium into their market, getting  huge numbers of Chinese peasants, shop owners and leaders addicted so they would trade away their precious commodities for more drugs or useless trinkets.

This model has been used in White America by Jewish controlled Big Pharma corporations in peddling addictive synthetic heroin to working class communities. Jewish advertising executives took their knowledge of selling the American consumer on cars, houses and other products and used it it to change the medical objective in America from treating illnesses to treating symptoms.

Through bribing and manipulating doctors to mass prescribe these dangerous and addictive drugs, the Jewish oligarchs have been able to make tens of billions of dollars for themselves as they leave hundreds of small communities racked with drug addiction and a rising heroin epidemic, as addicts look to find ways to continue their addiction. Historically Oxycontin was prescribed to cancer patients and those about to die as a way to end severe pain, but the Big Pharma corporations have marketed it as a drug for everyday injuries, broken bones and sprains. In a clear violation of the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” these corporations have turned doctors into drug dealers, costing close to two hundred thousand lives in fatal overdoses and millions of addicts around Appalachia, the Midwest and the Deep South.

Erik and Matt finish out the conversation by discussing how the only way to survive in the modern age where families are torn apart, wages are down and our culture is being destroyed is to be medicated. If a person doesn’t have Traditionalism and Nationalism, they are left adrift from Faith, Family and Folk and look for ways to fill that void, usually through drugs.

Only by promoting healthy values and calling out those who are poisoning our people can we hope to break this cycle of suicide, addiction and despair that has a hold on the White working class in America.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Erik Striker

The Daily Traditionalist: Jew Drug Peddlars in Modern Medicine – DT 050916

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