The Daily Traditionalist: The Myth of the Great Patriotic War


Another edition of The Daily Traditionalist kicks off with a discussion between Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks about the recent memorial services and marches held in Russia to honor the sacrifices made during The Great Patriotic War.

Matt and Sven discuss the differences between East and West when it comes to memorializing the fallen in the Second World War. Where the West focus almost exclusively on the Jews and the Holocaust instead of the fallen soldiers and their heroic actions, in Russia there is little to no mention of the Jews, only the heroism, valour and sacrifices that both the soldiers of the Red Army and the Russian people underwent during the War.

Matt talks about how it is important to remember that many of the war crimes committed by the Red Army during the war were due to a combination of the dehumanizing propaganda the USSR launched against the German people and the majority Jewish NKVD and political commissars forcing soldiers at gunpoint to commit atrocities, or face not only death or a sentence in the gulag, but punishment for their families as well. This culture of fear and mass executions led by the Jewish elites in the Soviet Union attacked not only the German people, but the Russians as well.

Sven and Matt also discuss the importance of myths and legends passed down from generation to generation to inspire positive attributes in the current population. Heroic stories and myths are a connection to our ancestors and help to promote healthy values, respect of one's culture and a sense of identity among the people.

Russia today is honoring the sacrifice of a soldier in Syria who in an effort to kill ISIS militants who had surrounded him, called in an airstrike on his position, giving up his life but likely saving many Syrian and other Russian soldiers from being massacred by those militants. This story of self-sacrifice has inspired Russia and joins the legacy of the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the Russians who defeated Napoleon and so on, to encourage Russians to love their Faith, Family and Folk.

The show closes with a look at how the principles of both Nationalism and Socialism are key elements to any healthy nation, stretching all the way back from the prophets of ancient Israel and the Kings of Christian Europe to the Third Reich. Loving one’s people, promoting equality under the law and securing a future for one's faith, traditions and blood is the organic expression of the nation and today while the Russian government are anti-Hitler due to their history, they are indeed using a form of Nationalism and Socialism to promote a healthy and strong Russia. All peoples and all nations can learn from the principles of Nationalism and Socialism to provide a better life for their people today and the generations to come.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: The Myth of the Great Patriotic War – DT 051116

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