The Daily Traditionalist: The Russian Liberation Army

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Matthew Heimbach is joined once again by Dr. Matthew Johnson on another edition of The Daily Traditionalist. Matt and Dr. Johnson discuss a variety of subjects but begin by talking about the Russian Liberation Movement under Gen. Vlasov during the Second World War.

Gen. Vlasov and his troops were anti-bolshevik forces aligned with the Germans during the War and they continued a long running tradition of opposition to the Soviet Union in Russia. Dr. Johnson states that “the Russian Civil War did not truly end until 1945.”

The Russian Civil War between the Bolsheviks and anti-Bolsheviks continued for so long due to the fact that Russian peasant uprisings, the White Army resistance and then the Russian Liberation Army were all part of a wider movement of Russian hatred directed at the Bolsheviks and a desire to reestablish a truly National Socialist State in Russia.

Dr. Johnson speaks also of how Himmler’s policy in the East was likely the cause of a German defeat. The Russian, Ukrainian and other Slavic peoples wanted to overthrow the USSR and Stalin, but the unwillingness of some German leaders to arm and train these volunteers to fight the Soviets, denied the German war effort of millions of soldiers and countless amounts of support on the ground.

Gen. Vlasov and his troops were willing to fight partisans, to work with the local population and to recruit for the anti-Soviet effort and while hundreds of thousands of men did serve the Germans in some capacity, including as soldiers, many opportunities were lost due to the anti-Slavic policy of some German NSDAP leaders.

The talk continues by discussing how disunity among nationalist forces in the Second World World leading to defeat is continued today, where various nationalist factions spend more time opposing one another than they do the common enemy. Whether it is a constant rumor mill, infighting or a simple lack of willingness to stand together; globalism wins when nationalists don’t stand together.

We as modern nationalists must learn from the victories and the missteps of our ancestors and work to create a global nationalist revolution against the forces of internationalism.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: The Russian Liberation Army – DT 051616

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