The Daily Traditionalist: Sven Longshanks on 'Projection'

Matthew Heimbach is joined by Sven Longshanks for another edition of The Daily Traditionalist concentrating on ‘Projection’ – the act of projecting one’s own personality onto another, in this case projecting one’s own race onto another.

At the root of our problems with race, is the insane idea that the only difference between us is the colour of our skin. Because of this, we project our own morals, sensitivities and even intelligence, onto other races with widely different attributes to us in those areas. Sven gives some recent examples of this including a White TV presenter taking a Black female at her word that she was rejected from College ‘just for being Black’ and the case of the ‘schoolgirls’ kidnapped by Boko Haram who are now actually wives and mothers.

Matt then brings up the Black crime rate and how it is assumed that White people must be discriminating against Blacks to keep shooting so many of them and putting them in prison. This is projection once again, projecting the law-abiding White man’s mentality onto the violence-prone Negro and failing both races in the process.

Sven and Matt then talk about how this projection eventually leads to a supremacist mind-set, where the Liberal believes that all races would be better off following her culture, her democracy and her way of living, simply because these things are beneficial to her. This leads in practice to a dismantling of indigenous cultures, ethnic differences and religious practices in order to promote a New World Order where all human beings are simply consumers for the globalists.

While nationalists believe in and accept racial differences, we do not believe one race’s culture should be forced upon all the others. A culture comes from the people and evolves from the local solutions that they find to their problems and the best way to organize their society. While we in the West might disagree with some customs and traditions of other nations, it is important to respect their differences in their own Homelands. We in the West however have a duty and a right to protect our people and our culture by preventing demographic and religious changes that force Europeans into minority status and bring us nothing but violence and national disunity.

Matt and Sven then top the conversation off by citing examples of Western Jewish and Liberal elites trying to force their values onto other nations, where it always turns out to be a failure. Western systems of democracy did not work when they were exported to Iraq, Libya, Egypt of Afghanistan. Local culture and customs must be respected and as nationalists, our duty is to support other nationalists against the threat of Jewish domination and globalism.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Sven Longshanks on Projection – DT 051816

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