The Daily Traditionalist: Which Side Are You On?

john friend

The Daily Traditionalist closes out another fantastic week with Matthew Heimbach being joined by co-host John Friend to discuss the changes in American geopolitics and the Presidential election.

Over the past two weeks both Matt and John had been traveling so they start off the show by discussing how much things have changed just in the last few weeks. From the time of the last podcast all Donald Trump’s competitors have dropped out of the race and the Republican establishment has grudgingly admitted that he is the presumptive nominee.

All of the shouting by radical Leftists and Jewish groups has not been able to stop this political awakening of the White working class to finally pick a candidate who is proposing policies that will put “America First” and stand against globalism.

John and Matt discuss how this election season is becoming a racial headcount with the White population of America finally having a candidate to be their standard bearer against the forces of globalism. Even Senator Jeff Sessions has now said that this election is a “choice between nationalism and globalism.” The ideas of nationalism are rising all around the United States and it is shaking up the status quo of American policies.

Our hosts then discuss how the Republican and Democratic candidates have supported picking fights with Russia and starting wars for Zionist interests which puts Americans last, not first. Donald Trump by proposing an “America First” foreign and economic policy is good for us, but bad for international bankers and the Jewish oligarchs.

The show comes to a close with a discussion on how quickly things are changing. Just like in Romania when the communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu’s government fell almost overnight, we too are seeing the breakdown of the current political order which is freeing up political space for nationalists to organize, mobilize and bring our people forward to fight for our interests. This election will be an exciting one but no matter what happens, the ideas of globalism vs nationalism have been let out of the bottle and White Americans are realizing that they no longer have to be silent. People have to figure out which side they will be on between globalism and nationalism and if the Trump candidacy has shown us anything, it is that the people are choosing the road to nationalism. Victory will be ours!

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest John Friend

The Daily Traditionalist: Which Side Are You On? – DT 051316

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