The Daily Traditionalist: The Winds of Change

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John Friend joins Matthew Heimbach for the week’s final episode of The Daily Traditionalist. The topic today is Sheldon Adelson and his recent support for Trump. John argues that we should be using Trump to inject our own politics into the discourse. He is not going to solve all our problems, but he is opening up space for our ideas and what he has done is to give us a way in to the conversation. This is an opportunity to advance our ideas in the information war and alleging that he is a puppet of the Jews is not productive or helpful. We are getting a lot of media coverage thanks to Trump’s campaign.

Matt points out that Trump represents a shifting in the winds for White America and he is creating a safe space for our ideas to be brought up and discussed. He is like a wind-sock, pointing which way the wind is blowing and showing us what our people want to hear. He did not introduce these ideas, he is just tapping into them and saying out loud what people have been thinking for decades. Even if he sold us out tomorrow, the genie is now out of the bottle. It is now ok to say that mass immigration is not a good thing and neither is sending your sons and daughters off to fight for Israel in the Middle East. He has even influenced other Republicans to start echoing his points.

Obviously he does have some Jewish ties which are disappointing and worrying, but that just reflects the reality of Jewish influence in government. A Republican candidate has to go and speak to AIPAC. Yes, Sheldon Adelson has offered a large sum of money to Trump, but the huge industrialists of the thirties also donated to the NSDAP. This did not mean that Hitler had sold out, it meant that the industrialists could see which side of the political divide was most likely to win.

Matt does not think Adelson really cares about immigration, but what he does see is that Trump will be the Republican candidate and if he wants to get on the good side of him, then he had better contribute to his campaign.

Maybe the Jews can see that if they do not accept Trump, then America could go fully anti-Zionist. John brings up a Jewish Daily Forward article which claims that after Adelson’s gift, other Jewish donors have come forward to offer money too. The Jews are effectively having a civil war over what is best for their interests at the moment. The majority of them do not support him, but they have to face facts, he will be the Republican candidate and if they want to have any influence at all once he gets in, then they had better stop opposing him.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest John Friend

The Daily Traditionalist: The Winds of Change – DT 052016

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