The Daily Traditionalist: The Music of Jason Augustus


Matthew Heimbach closes out another week of The Daily Traditionalist with an interview with 14 Sacred Words’ Jason Augustus. Jason and Matt touch on a variety of subjects dealing with Jason’s music but also life in New York versus rural White America and promoting unity within the nationalist cause.

The show kicks off with a discussion on the inspiration behind the name 14 Sacred Words and the fundamentals of our movement.

Jason explains how he defines allies as those who are “pro-European and anti-Zionist” in order to find common ground between various nationalist organizations. Divisions over religion, economic theory or tactics should be put aside as our movement works to promote European Identity and resistance to multiculturalism.

Matt and Jason discuss the inspiration for his lyrics and using music as a tool to recruit and mobilize young White people. Music can be used to provide an outlet for young people who feel cut off from their heritage and culture and to inspire them to become part of the movement, rejecting the anti-White Cultural Marxism that is pushed in our school systems and mass media.

Cultural differences between New York City and rural White areas was a topic of conversation as Jason discussed how now even pedophiles are being called “minor attracted persons” instead of sexual deviants. The redefining of mental illnesses as a sub-cultural identity is pushed by the Jews to promote degeneracy and break down traditional European values in our society.

Rural White America continues to uphold our traditional values and connection to our soil, the opposite of the globalist and cosmopolitan agenda pushed in the multicultural major American cities.

Jason and Matt close out the show by discussing how each individual can play an important role in our movement. Along with 14 Sacred Words, Jason is also the Minister of Propaganda for the Traditionalist Worker Party, creating the majority of the leaflets and other resources; all while maintaining a full time job in corporate America. Jason encourages young White men and women that their skills can be a huge asset to the Party and the movement as a whole and that they should look for outlets that can use their skills.

One person can accomplish a great deal, but united together we can make our movement stronger and more powerful than ever before. Anyone interested in joining the fight can join Jason and Matt as comrades in the Traditionalist Worker Party at www.tradworker.org

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Jason Augustus of 14 Sacred Words

The Daily Traditonalist: The Music of Jason Augustus – DT 050616

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