The Stormer Report: The Cleansing of the Cockneys


Lee Rogers joins Sven Longshanks for another Stormer Report, looking at the week’s news from the The Daily Stormer and InfoStormer.com.

Last week Donald Trump finally reached the magic number of 1237 delegates, which means he is now the official Republican Party candidate for President. Lee and Sven discuss what this means for America and the rest of the world and how much they are looking forward to him debating with Hillary. Shortly after winning the nomination Trump supporters were violently attacked in San Diego by Mexicans, antifa and other subhumans waving Mexican flags and burning Trump hats. The BBC gave the false impression that the Mestizoes were also waving American flags, but a brief glance at the pictures is enough to expose that lie.

Non-Whites will not be happy until they have erased all evidence of us from the face of the earth and the latest manifestation of this was in Georgia, where they used to have a Robert E Lee day, which has now been changed to the imaginatively titled ‘State Holiday’. This is not an action on its own, but forms a part of the drive to remove all reminders of the the great White military heroes of the civil war. Lee talks about his namesake and why they hate him so much and Sven points out that the same thing is being done in the Middle East, where Moslems have destroyed many of the monuments created by the White nations that were there before Arab hegemony. 

Back in Britain the BBC screened a documentary last week on the ethnic cleansing of the Cockneys. This sub-group of the English nation can be traced back to pre-Roman times and were the original inhabitants of London, before the invasion of recent years wiped nearly all of them out. Some areas of the East End are now only 20% native, yet still the Liberals complained and called the program racist. Sven asks how the public would have reacted if it was a program on the Han Chinese replacing Tibetan natives and Lee talks about his impressions of ‘the most diverse city in the world’.

Theresa May seems to think it is wonderful that we now have a parallel law system operating within Britain and both hosts agree that London really has fallen. Nothing is being done to prevent the invasion, in fact the countries of Europe are doing all they can to facilitate it, by sending rescue vessels out to ferry the invading warships into our ports. Just yesterday the 2nd of such vessels appeared in British waters, full of savages fleeing the brutal civil war in France. This follows on from Italy ‘rescuing’ 13,000 of them from the waters off the Libyan coast last week. The only way to deal with this is to take the hostiles back to the port they came from, not to where they were going. This has stopped all boats from trying to get to Australia yet it is never even suggested as a solution to the invasion of Europe by the same parasites.

The incentives are far too high for them to stop coming and even when their asylum is denied, the countries of Europe still refuse to send them back. To speak out against this in Germany online will now land you with a thousand euro fine and 11 special websites have been set up for minorities with hurt feelings. Lee points out that Germany’s police can afford to investigate words on the internet yet they cannot afford to investigate violent crimes committed against the Germans.

Finally some good news to finish the podcast off, a village in Switzerland has actually been offered a referendum on accepting asylum seekers and they voted NO! Instead, they opted to pay a £200,000 fine and keep the place White. If only everywhere would give the people that choice. The freedom to be ethnically homogenous is priceless when you are White.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Lee Rogers

The Stormer Report: The Cleansing of the Cockneys – SR 053016

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