The Stormer Report: Stormer Troll Army Triumphs Once Again


Lee Rogers joins Sven Longshanks to discuss the top stories of the week from The Daily Stormer and InfoStormer.com.

John Kasich and Ted Cruz featured a lot last week with their open conspiracy to topple Trump, which has not gone down well at all according to 58% of Republican voters in Indiana. Trump has a 15 point lead in the latest poll and looks set to win the nomination despite Cruz’s dirty tricks. Even his wife despises him, letting it slip the other day that he is an immigrant and therefore ineligible for the post anyway.

Trump’s wife was the victim of slander last week, when a muck-raking Jewish journalist tried to smear her family, but the Stormer Troll Army quickly mobilised into action to defend her in a variety of highly entertaining ways, including speeches of Hitler sent to her phone and suggestions that she would make a good lampshade. This caused her to start whining on TV that nazi-trolls should be arrested for saying mean things to her on Twitter, highlighting the double-standards of the media and the exalted and privileged position that Jews hold.

Over in Britain the Labour Party are being accused of rampant anti-Semitism after Ken Livingstone pointed out a few facts from history concerning the Havaara agreement. This has been very funny to watch, as the party openly admit that ‘Jews are at the heart of the Labour Party’ but since they opened the floodgates to hordes of brown savages, thousands of anti-Israel Moslems  have joined the party who are not happy about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. If any of us were to say that Jews were at the centre of the Labour Party we would be accused of being anti-Semitic, but its fine if a Jew lover like Jeremy Corbyn says it.

Europe is now bracing itself for an invasion of 80-million Moslems from Turkey, thanks to Merkel’s insane plan of giving every Turkish citizen a free visa to the Schengen zone. Hopefully this will finally cause the dam to burst and we will see an uprising all across Europe, as our kinsmen realise what diversity really means for us. A browning out of the entire continent complete with the lowering of average IQ that will inevitably follow and the collapse of the only White civilisation left.

Thankfully there is already a resistance to this and the podcast ends on a positive note, with the news of a Flemish priest who informed his class at school that Mohammed was a thief, a murderer, a bigamist and a paedophile and that Islam is not a genuine religion. What a breath of fresh air to hear some traditional Christian teachings at last from a man of the cloth.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Lee Rogers

The Stormer Report: Stormer Troll Army Triumphs Once Again – SR 050216

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