Truth Will Out Radio: The White Death


Truth Will Out Radio returns, despite the best attempts of Jewish software developers to silence them. Schmitt starts the podcast off with his usual war hero presentation and this week it is from Finland, where Simo Häyhä fought courageously against the Soviet Army in defence of his homeland. Serving as a sniper he inflicted massive casualties on the invading red armies, Killing an average of 5 enemies per day during the 100 days that he served during the Winter War. He made such an impression on his enemies that they started to call him "The White Death".

Amazingly he did not even use a scoped rifle, even though these would have been available to him. Instead he preferred to shoot with iron sights only, yet still he hit his targets from hundreds of meters away. Every attempt by the Soviet snipers to take him out failed and even artillery strikes on his suspected location were not successful. Towards the end of the winter war and during a massive Soviet assault, he was hit in the face by an enemy bullet but survived and recovered from his wound. He would then go on to become a successful hunter and dog breeder and even went on hunting trips with the Finnish president in later years.

Sven points out that this is very different to the treatment that the East European and Baltic defenders of their homeland received after the war, to this day countries like Latvia and Lithuania get attacked by the EU and are called ‘Nazis’ for trying to honour them.

Dennis then talks about his newly released Part 18 of Communism by the Back Door. This episode uses audio clips of Bill Cooper to summarise the usurping of legal power world-wide by the UN. David Koresh and Waco feature in the episode and Dennis talks about how the constitution was flagrantly broken in order to wipe out the Branch Davidians. He also talks about other breaches of law such as the Nuremberg trials and Sven points out how this set a precedent that the usual rules of a court need no longer be applied.

To finish the podcast off, Dennis summarises the entire history of the New World Order from the Bolshevik Revolution until now, showing how countries that have been taken over by Freemasons, always work together in a coalition, whether officially or not. Regardless of whether the State is Left or Right, what really matters is the extent of Freemasonic and Jewish infiltration that there has been.
Hitler slowed the Jew World Order down by about 10 years, but they have had free reign to do whatever they like from then up until now, when finally another contender has arisen to throw a spanner in the works and this time he is from Russia.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: The White Death - TWOR 052016

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