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Aryan Insights: Lee Rogers – From Third World to First World

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Taking a break from The Stormer Report, Lee Rogers joins us today to talk about his experiences in third world countries and how they contrast with the way we live in the civilised world.

Starting with India, Lee talks about his first impressions of the place and how the caste laws work. How the lack of ability to maintain a civilisation is apparent, from a mistrust of sanitation and desire of the natives to defecate on the ground anyway, to the misplaced class system, which no longer functions on a racial basis as there are no longer any visible Whites left there. Whites from elsewhere are targeted for criminal activities and the Indians that still claim to be higher caste, refuse to touch or even speak to those of lower or no caste at all. Looking at this, you can see why they are so keen to come to the West, where our equality law means they are instantly raised to a higher level just by setting foot in our countries.

After this Lee describes his experience in Panama, where not even the country’s top natural beauty spot is free from trash and graffiti. Imagine finding that someone had tagged Ayer’s Rock or Ben Nevis when you got there and that still would not be adequate to describe the disrespect the Non-Whites have there for their own country. The place is also full of corruption, with traffic police routinely stopping drivers in order to demand a bribe. One thing that is different with Panama is that Whites there are respected, because they are the ones driving all the business there, so unlike in India, people try to be nice to Whites, but only because they want your money.

Lee has not been to Africa, but has been to the Caribbean and talks a bit about that and how Blacks are incapable of running a society anywhere, from Haiti to Detroit, they always revert back to their savagery once the White man disappears.

Moving nearer to the White world, he then describes his shock at recently being in San Francisco, where thanks to all the Marxist programs to give free everything to everyone, the place has become a magnet for insane Black homeless creatures. Even in the city centre tourist district you are not safe from these thieves and vagabonds, muttering under their breath while they fight imaginary foes in broad daylight. The temperate climate has caused great herds of this type of Negro to swarm there, as they know they will not freeze to death sleeping outside under the streetlights.

Next up is Eastern Europe, specifically Czechoslovakia and Hungary and these conservative minded countries provide a stark contrast to the degeneracy of the previous ones, with people being safe to walk the streets without fear of being harassed by street beggars and no swerving to avoid dead bodies on the road. This leads on to a discussion on the most depraved city of all, which Lee identifies as London. In America there may be more non-Whites, but they usually breed with their own kind, whereas in London, miscegenation seems to be accepted as a wonderful novelty to indulge in.

Finally we come to one of the few countries left that are still almost 100% White. Not surprisingly this country has developed an energy production system that does not require any fossil fuels or nuclear fission in order to heat the dwellings and it is one of the coldest countries in the world. The Icelandic people also actually jailed the bankers that caused their economy to crash and sacked their government for allowing it. There is no crime there, no murders, no muggings, the people are safe and happy, despite there being no sun for half the year. Iceland is a great reminder of what White people can do when we live in homogenous nations, Sweden should really be taking note of this and emulating them, not imitating Britain and America.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Lee Rogers

Aryan Insights: Lee Rogers–From Third World to First World – AI 060616


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