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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Jailbreak!


Grandpa Lampshade returns from Twitter prison after having his account shoahed. We asked on previous programs how the latest agreement between the EU and the social media companies to ban hate speech would turn out and now we have our answer, with quite a few Twitter accounts meeting the ban hammer this past week. This is quite amusing in the context of our enemies’ constant assertions that we are irrelevant and our numbers inconsequential. It is important to keep these things in context in our struggle.

We move on to examine what our world will look like if we lose this struggle and the self-deluded and self-hating whites are actually successful. We will literally be genocided out of existence. Look no further than South Africa to see the Jew's plan for us all. Think it can’t happen where you live?

Well what do you think the purpose of all this migration is? GPL once again hits on the pet peeve of naysayers who excuse doing nothing while mocking those who are doing something, with the idea that after it all goes south then they will fight. Well the fight is now and the fight with the possibility of victory is now. Globally we are vastly outnumbered, but if you wait until your nations are swamped by the hordes then it matters not how much ammo and dried food you have stock-piled you will be over-run.

We then revisit Trump pointing out that Hillary's only card is the woman card and the media's reaction to that statement, in the context of the recent continuous media proclamations of Hillary being the historic first woman to be at the top of a major party's ticket.

Listeners questions/comments are top notch as always and we have our first question as to investing from a racial point of view. This leads GPL to ponder how great it would be to be a billionaire and fund operations against these kikes as an anti-Soros. Our second listener question deals with the different approaches that we take and how women can deal with their role in what we are doing. Jimmies shall be rustled but also hopefully good points and thoughtful discussion will ensue.

We wrap up with the final thought of the day being a shout out to Hidden Mysteries' Ghost who is in bad health and fighting for his life. I encourage everyone to stop by the site and leave a message of encouragement for Ghost and Azz.

Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Jailbreak! – GL 061516


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